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Schwab Funds is one of the largest mutual fund companies in the nation. From index-tracking funds to comprehensive asset allocation solutions, Schwab Funds offers more than 50 diverse mutual funds, each targeting a specific investment objective and guided by a disciplined investment approach. Our dedicated investment professionals employ a team approach to portfolio management, drawing from expertise across many disciplines to deliver performance in a variety of investment strategies.

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Today's MarketsAs of 4/17/14 4:31PM ET
DJIA ®16,408.54-16.31-0.10%
S&P 500 ®1,864.85+2.540.14%
 Russell 1000 ®1,
 Russell 1000 ® G861.340.000.00%
 Russell 1000 ® V948.550.000.00%
 Russell 2000 ®1,137.900.000.00%
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Funds get some of the lowest fees and investment minimums in the industry, including:

  • OERs of 0.09% for two Schwab Equity Index Funds1.
  • Initial minimum investments of just $100 for all Schwab equity and bond funds.

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