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Equity and fixed income funds that are actively managed by the Charles Schwab Investment Management Investment teams or sub-advised by third-party investment managers.

What we offer

We provide active equity and fixed income funds managed by Charles Schwab Investment Management that can serve as core or complementary components of investor portfolios. Additionally, we offer investors access to a select group of active managers through our sub-advised Laudus Funds®.

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Our approach to the Schwab Active Equity Funds

Traditional active equity managers tend to favor either a quantitative approach, using objective mathematical algorithms for assessments and valuation, or a qualitative approach, seeking to gain an understanding of a company through in-depth and perhaps more subjective research.

However, we view active equity analysis as a dynamic process. So in analyzing and building the Schwab Active Equity Funds, we attempt to capitalize on both quantitative and qualitative approaches—and have refined our bottom-up approach to stock selection to focus on generating consistent, risk-adjusted excess return and long-term value.

Schwab Active Equity differentiators

Schwab Active Equity Funds aim to reliably generate risk-adjusted returns by integrating quantitative signals and qualitative research in an attempt to capitalize on both.

Schwab active equity strategies offer:

  • A disciplined investment process that integrates quantitative and qualitative research and analysis through a bottom-up approach to stock selection.
  • The investment team’s focus is on generating consistent, risk-adjusted excess return in order to provide shareholders with long-term value.  

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Sub-advised funds

We also offer investors access to a select group of active managers through our sub-advised Laudus Funds.

Laudus Funds

Laudus Funds offer investors access to some of the world's leading investment managers. With a rigorous manager selection process and ongoing oversight by Charles Schwab Investment Management, Laudus Funds offer single and multi-manager strategies.

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Schwab Tax-Free Bond Funds

Schwab Tax-Free Bond Funds™ provide the opportunity to access a diverse set of municipal bonds with the goal of maintaining a strong overall credit rating. We offer both a national and California option, backed by a robust team of credit analysts and portfolio managers keen on risk management.

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