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Election Day to Inauguration Day: a test for global stock markets
Market Commentary

Stock market performance during the transition period between outgoing and incoming U.S. presidents tends to be more dependent on the economic cycle than the election results.
“De-globalization” Already Happened And It Didn’t Matter
Market Commentary

In 2020, politics and the pandemic have led to a lot of speculation that they could bring about an end to the rise of globalization—yet that began over a decade ago.
Global Impact of a “Blue Wave” Election Outcome
Market Commentary

The potential economic and market impacts a “Blue Wave” for the U.S. election could have on five key areas: taxes, labor, the environment, oil and trade.
Risk of Second Wave of COVID-19 Lockdowns
Market Commentary

The biggest political risk facing investors may be the potential for politicians to implement national lockdowns in response to a rise in new COVID-19 cases that could lead to renewed recession and a new bear market for stocks.
Stock Market “Inequality” Hides A Big Change
Market Commentary

The recent imbalances in the stock market can lead to vulnerability; rebalancing portfolios may be valuable to help balance exposure to U.S. capitalization-weighted benchmarks relative to international stocks.
What’s the Future Payback for the Stimulus?
Market Commentary

It is becoming increasingly clear that the massive global stimulus is being financed by a rise in money, not debt.
Dashboards: Measuring Recovery In Real Time
Market Commentary

For each of the major countries in Asia and Europe, we will be tracking weekly data on key elements of a recovery to assess its pace and success.
What Can Investors Expect From GDP Reports
Market Commentary

The most widely used measure of economic activity, gross domestic product (GDP), will soon be released for the first quarter by different countries.
Q&A on COVID-19: The Economy, Markets and What Investors Should Do
Market Volatility

We answer key questions about the coronavirus impact on the economy, markets and what investors should do.

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