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What A COVID-19 Second Wave Means For Investors
Market Commentary

A second wave of global COVID-19 is getting a lot of media attention, but the appearance of a global second wave of cases is primarily driven by the different timing of first waves across countries—rather than second waves within countries.
Schwab Market Perspective: Mixed Signals
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Why did stocks rise over the past month despite grim economic news? The Federal Reserve’s massive liquidity injection is one reason.
2020 Mid-Year Outlook: Global Stocks and Economy
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In our 2020 Global Market Outlook, we cited many indicators pointing to heightened risk of a recession; now we highlight increasing signs of a recovery from one.
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Cyclicals typically lead the market higher when stocks rebound from a bear market and recession—but not this time.
What’s the Future Payback for the Stimulus?
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It is becoming increasingly clear that the massive global stimulus is being financed by a rise in money, not debt.
What Can Investors Expect From GDP Reports
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The most widely used measure of economic activity, gross domestic product (GDP), will soon be released for the first quarter by different countries.
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This recession is the result of a shock, not the natural end result of a slow build-up of excesses. This may mean the recession and bear market could be deeper, but also that the duration may be shorter.
Who Fueled The Fastest Bear Market Ever?
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We all know what is driving the market selloff, COVID-19, but who is doing the selling?
Q&A on COVID-19: The Economy, Markets and What Investors Should Do
Market Volatility

We answer key questions about the coronavirus impact on the economy, markets and what investors should do.