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Joe Biden takes the Presidential oath of office this week in the U.S., marking the end of a long U.S. political contest; a year of political challenges is just getting started overseas.
Schwab Market Perspective: A Narrow Path Up
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U.S. stocks have continued to climb amid optimism about a vaccine-led economic recovery, but bad news could easily throw markets off track.
Top Five Global Investment Risks In 2021
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Risk is often the result of a very high degree of confidence among market participants in one specific outcome.
Market Commentary

The planned vaccine rollout is good news that has lifted the stock markets around the world. But the reality of the rollout faces risks that could extend the time frame for mass immunizations.
2021 Schwab Market Outlook

As 2020 draws to a close, economic momentum is fading with infection rates on the rise, governments responding with more lockdowns, and few prospects for any major near-term fiscal stimulus. However, the global economy has the potential to make a full recovery in 2021, rebounding from the -4.4% decline in 2020 with growth of +5.2% in 2021, according to current estimates from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Election Day to Inauguration Day: a test for global stock markets
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Stock market performance during the transition period between outgoing and incoming U.S. presidents tends to be more dependent on the economic cycle than the election results.
“De-globalization” Already Happened And It Didn’t Matter
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In 2020, politics and the pandemic have led to a lot of speculation that they could bring about an end to the rise of globalization—yet that began over a decade ago.
Global Impact of a “Blue Wave” Election Outcome
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The potential economic and market impacts a “Blue Wave” for the U.S. election could have on five key areas: taxes, labor, the environment, oil and trade.
Risk of Second Wave of COVID-19 Lockdowns
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The biggest political risk facing investors may be the potential for politicians to implement national lockdowns in response to a rise in new COVID-19 cases that could lead to renewed recession and a new bear market for stocks.

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