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Schwab Market Perspective: Turning to Earnings Season
Market Commentary

Actual third-quarter earnings may be less important than what business leaders say about their expectations.
Global Impact of a “Blue Wave” Election Outcome
Market Commentary

The potential economic and market impacts a “Blue Wave” for the U.S. election could have on five key areas: taxes, labor, the environment, oil and trade.
Risk of Second Wave of COVID-19 Lockdowns
Market Commentary

The biggest political risk facing investors may be the potential for politicians to implement national lockdowns in response to a rise in new COVID-19 cases that could lead to renewed recession and a new bear market for stocks.
Brexit Is Back: The Endgame For Investors
Market Commentary

The risk of a “no deal” Brexit and the potential economic harm that accompanies it increased last week.
Stock Market “Inequality” Hides A Big Change
Market Commentary

The recent imbalances in the stock market can lead to vulnerability; rebalancing portfolios may be valuable to help balance exposure to U.S. capitalization-weighted benchmarks relative to international stocks.
Confidence Is Everything: 3 Things May Shake It
Market Commentary

Confidence matters; faith in a brighter future drives risk taking, fueling growth through investment and consumption.
Market Commentary

Let’s take a look at how recent developments may have impacted long-term returns for stock market investors.
Market Commentary

The U.S. dollar has been showing signs of weakening, a trend that may underscore the importance of global diversification.
Bond Insights

Investors must balance ongoing risks of the coronavirus against the extra yield the bonds provide.

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