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Schwab Market Perspective: Turning to Earnings Season
Market Commentary

Actual third-quarter earnings may be less important than what business leaders say about their expectations.
Another Tricky Day: Dissecting July’s Labor Market Report
Market Commentary

The July labor market report had talking points for both the economic bulls and bears; with Congress on the hot seat to keep the recovery from faltering.
Stocks Rebounding as Fully-Loaded Week Commences
Market Commentary

Earnings have so far bested an extremely low bar, but stocks may be discounting too swift a recovery; while concentration remains a risk.
Market Commentary

Rate of change and inflection points in economic data drive stocks; but in these unique times, the level of said data needs to be considered, too.
Disconnect the Dots: Main Street vs. Wall Street
Market Commentary

The dominant question we’ve been getting from investors is about the perceived disconnect between what’s happening on Main Street and what’s happening on Wall Street.
Election 2020

How presidential elections affect the market—and vice versa.
Virus: Could it be the Catalyst to Change Sentiment?
Market Commentary

As expected, a long and strong move up in stocks attracts more and more believers and adherents, which can stretch sentiment to extremes, like now.
2020 U.S. Market Outlook: Ramble On?
Market Commentary

Next year is set to start on a high note, with consumers and the Fed keeping the economy and market afloat; but risks remain elevated, including trade and elections.
Market Commentary

The U.S. economy likely will remain split in early 2020.

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