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Washington Watch

Despite the slow pace of negotiations, we continue to think a deal will be struck this month.
Market Commentary

Let’s take a look at how recent developments may have impacted long-term returns for stock market investors.
Market Commentary

The U.S. dollar has been showing signs of weakening, a trend that may underscore the importance of global diversification.
Policy of Truth: Fed Holds Rates Steady Amid Somber Outlook
Market Commentary

The Fed left rates unchanged near-zero, as expected, while emphasizing that “the path of the economy will depend significantly on the course of the virus.”
Stocks Rebounding as Fully-Loaded Week Commences
Market Commentary

Earnings have so far bested an extremely low bar, but stocks may be discounting too swift a recovery; while concentration remains a risk.
Bond Insights

Investors must balance ongoing risks of the coronavirus against the extra yield the bonds provide.
Stock Market Reaction to Expiring COVID-19 Programs
Market Commentary

If not extended or replaced, the fading support for the unemployed raises the risk of weakening economic momentum, turning the V-shaped recovery into a W.
Schwab Market Perspective: Watching the Shape of the Recovery
Market Commentary

U.S. stocks have been fairly resilient even as coronavirus hotspots flare up around the country. How long can it last?
Market Commentary

Rate of change and inflection points in economic data drive stocks; but in these unique times, the level of said data needs to be considered, too.