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Disconnect the Dots: Main Street vs. Wall Street
Market Commentary

The dominant question we’ve been getting from investors is about the perceived disconnect between what’s happening on Main Street and what’s happening on Wall Street.
Market Commentary

Cyclicals typically lead the market higher when stocks rebound from a bear market and recession—but not this time.
Washington Watch

How presidential elections affect the market—and vice versa.
Every Picture Tells a Story: “Chartbook” Look at Economy/Market
Market Commentary

On a day that started with good news on an experimental COVID-19 vaccine, with the stock market showing strong early gains, today’s report is more visual and less wordy than normal. Since I know not every reader of these publications follows me on Twitter—where I’m constantly posting charts, tables and data that I find compelling—this report has a sampling of what has recently caught my eye (and some bright spots). It combines economic, monetary and market data (in that order), while also a connecting of the dots between the economy and the stock market.

Schwab Market Perspective: Riding the Liquidity Wave
Market Commentary

Why did stocks rise over the past month despite grim economic news? The Federal Reserve’s massive liquidity injection is one reason.
Bond Insights

Despite massive fiscal and monetary stimulus, we believe there’s little risk of inflation in the next few years.
What’s the Future Payback for the Stimulus?
Market Commentary

It is becoming increasingly clear that the massive global stimulus is being financed by a rise in money, not debt.
High Speed: Bear and Bull Both Running at Full Speed
Market Commentary

Both the bear market and subsequent rally have occurred at warp speed; yet the economic recovery may be disappointing to what the market’s now “priced in.”
Fed Aims to Help Nurse the Economy Back to Health
Market Commentary

The FOMC restated its commitment to use its full range of tools to support the virus-crippled economy and keep markets functioning smoothly.