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Have EM stocks lost their immunity to rising rates?
Market Commentary

Should interest rates continue to climb at a more moderate pace, EM stocks may rebound and rise alongside bond yields, as they have done historically.
Bond Insights

The spike in U.S. Treasury bond yields sent ripples throughout global markets.
Personal Finance & Planning

Custodial accounts may not offer the tax benefits of 529 plans, but they can be used to fund expenses that 529 plans don’t cover.
Market Volatility

U.S. stocks fell sharply Thursday as Treasury bond yields rose.
EleVation: Some V-Shaped Economic Data to Cheer
Market Commentary

Looking at the latest economic data reveals V-shaped recoveries in many goods-based indicators; while services has more catch-up to do.
Market Commentary

China’s growth for 2021 appears strong, but February holds key developments that could impact this outlook, including stock delistings, trade, and COVID-19.
Schwab Market Perspective: Disconnection
Market Commentary

Economic recovery is broadly expected as COVID-19 vaccinations accelerate, but improvement has yet to be seen.
Bond Insights

Although a modest rise in inflation may lift longer-term bond yields, investors can take steps to navigate the changes.
Market Commentary

As quickly as it soared to the moon, GameStop came back down to earth; but the lessons learned are key to turning day trading speculators into longer-term investors.

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