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Mixed Emotions: Sentiment Telling Divergent Stories
Market Commentary

Investor sentiment is telling a mixed story about the market’s ascent since the March low; begging the question, will the skeptics converge with the optimists?
Schwab Market Perspective: Turning to Earnings Season
Market Commentary

Actual third-quarter earnings may be less important than what business leaders say about their expectations.
Bond Insights

Given current low yields, some investors wonder whether bonds can continue to provide diversification in a portfolio. Here’s why those fears may be overblown.
Global Impact of a “Blue Wave” Election Outcome
Market Commentary

The potential economic and market impacts a “Blue Wave” for the U.S. election could have on five key areas: taxes, labor, the environment, oil and trade.
Election 2020

Why investors shouldn’t expect to know election outcomes on November 3.
Election Blues: Looking at Election History for Market Guidance
Market Commentary

With investors already on edge regarding election uncertainty, an “October surprise” arrives yet again. Can history provide some guidance on how elections impact markets?
Inflation Blues: Fed Keeps Rates Near-Zero, Officially Adopts Average Inflation Targeting
Market Commentary

Fed maintained rates at near-zero, while also updating its summary of economic projections; now expecting a shallower economic contraction, but a slower recovery thereafter.
Confidence Is Everything: 3 Things May Shake It
Market Commentary

Confidence matters; faith in a brighter future drives risk taking, fueling growth through investment and consumption.
Another Tricky Day: Dissecting July’s Labor Market Report
Market Commentary

The July labor market report had talking points for both the economic bulls and bears; with Congress on the hot seat to keep the recovery from faltering.

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