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Charts in a Minute

Chart in a Minute

A simple visual that can help illustrate technical market perspectives.

Chart in a Minute: Are behavioral finance biases limiting your financial future?

Use this chart as a conversation starter with clients about identifying and treating behavioral finance biases. Approved for client use.
Jonathan de St. Paer,

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Jonathan de St. Paer,

Why behavioral finance is important in today's market environment

In honor of Behavioral Finance Week, I spoke to Omar Aguilar, our CIO of Equities and Multi-Asset Strategies, to discuss behavioral finance concepts and why it's important to understand them in this market environment.

Investment insights

Read the latest research, perspectives, and analysis from our investment professionals.

Investment Insights

Do actively managed bond strategies offer better risk protection than passively managed bond strategies in market downturns? Data from COVID-19 and the 2008 financial crisis say, “No.”
Investment Insights

Today's environment is provoking some confusion about fixed income. Use this paper as a primer for talking with clients about fixed income opportunities.
Investment Insights

One potential opportunity is Fundamental Index® strategies, which may help reduce the negative effects of behavioral finance biases that can crop up during a market crisis like COVID-19.
Investment Insights

A checklist of five things we think are important for sponsors to consider when choosing target date funds.

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Charles Schwab announced today that it has completed its asset acquisition of Wasmer, Schroeder, & Company LLC, a leading independent investment manager of fixed income separately managed accounts.
Press Releases

Charles Schwab announced today its role in the $375 million conversion of Private College 529 Plan, a unique college savings program collectively owned by nearly 300 private colleges and universities nationwide.
Press Releases

Charles Schwab Investment Management, Inc. (CSIM), an asset management arm of The Charles Schwab Corporation, is launching three new fixed income exchange traded funds (ETFs).

Leadership insights

Keep updated on valuable insights from our leadership team—from the latest on the global markets and asset management industry, to behavioral finance and investor biases.

Jonathan de St. Paer


Omar Aguilar, Ph.D.

Senior Vice President Chief Investment Officer of Passive Equity and Multi-Asset Strategies

Brett Wander, CFA

Senior Vice President, Chief Investment Officer of Fixed Income