Schwab Asset Allocation Funds

Asset allocation is a time-tested strategy designed to diversify a portfolio across key asset categories. By combining investments across asset classes and management styles in a single investment vehicle, these Funds can help moderate risk while seeking competitive returns. All of Schwab's asset allocations funds offer the strengths and diversification of multiple underlying funds to meet their investment objectives. Schwab Funds' asset allocation funds are designed to provide investors with investment management, asset allocation and ongoing rebalancing over time.

Investment Strategy

Schwab Balanced Fund pursues an asset allocation strategy by maintaining a portfolio comprising of both equities and bonds, while the Schwab Monthly Income Funds are designed to provide monthly income along with some equity growth potential.

Schwab MarketTrack Portfolios maintain a defined mix of asset classes over time using an passive strategy by investing in underlying funds while Schwab Target Funds, are geared toward an expected retirement date and adjusts its asset allocation over time as an investor approaches retirement.


Investment Management

Charles Schwab Investment Management actively manages the Schwab Asset Allocation Funds to maintain their dedicated allocations. Veteran managers monitor the market and adjust investments as needed to keep all the Funds in line with their stated objective.

Investment Management Team

Zifan Tang, Ph.D., CFA

Managing Director, Head of Asset Allocation Strategies
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Investment Management Bio

Zifan Tang, Ph.D., CFA

Managing Director, Head of Asset Allocation Strategies

Zifan Tang is a Managing Director and Head of Asset Allocation Strategies for Charles Schwab Investment Management, Inc. (CSIM).  Ms. Tang leads the portfolio management team of Schwab’s asset allocation strategies, which comprise the Schwab Target Funds, Schwab MarketTrack Portfolios, Schwab Monthly Income Funds, and Schwab Balanced Fund. She also has overall responsibility for all aspects of the management of the funds. Prior to joining CSIM in January 2012, Ms. Tang was a product manager at Thomson Reuters and from 1997 to 2009 worked as a portfolio manager at Barclays Global Investors, which was subsequently acquired by BlackRock.

Ms. Tang holds a Ph.D. in Engineering from Royal School of Mines, Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine in London, UK. She is a CFA charterholder.


Schwab Asset Allocation Funds

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