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Multi-asset funds can provide diversification with the convenience of a single fund.

It’s the third anniversary of Schwab Target Index Funds. Access for all. What a welcome alternative.

Most firms offer low-cost funds, but only Schwab offers target date funds at 8bps1 net to investors of any size with no minimums. That’s something to celebrate.


See how Schwab Target Index Funds Compare

The lowest-cost target date mutual funds that are accessible to any investor at no minimum.

Product 2 Net expenses Minimum investment
Schwab Target Index Funds 0.08%1 $0
Fidelity Freedom® Index 0.08% $100 million3
State Street Target Retirement 0.09% $0
Vanguard Institutional Target Retirement 0.09% $100 million
TIAA-CREF Lifecycle Index 0.10% $10 million4

What we offer

Since 1995, we’ve managed a lineup of multi-asset mutual funds. Now, we offer target date, target risk, and managed payout multi-asset mutual funds—a comprehensive selection of product solutions at competitive pricing, for both individuals and employer-sponsored retirement plans. And for qualified retirement plans, there are the Charles Schwab Trust Bank Collective Investment Trusts.5


Our approach

We take a behavioral-based approach to asset allocation—an approach designed to help investors stay invested across market conditions, and that leverages our investment research and deep asset allocation expertise. To meet investor needs, we utilize a variety of underlying strategy types, including proprietary and non-proprietary as well as active and passive strategies. And our pricing approach seeks to give everyone—even the smallest business—access to a range of quality target date funds at competitive prices.

A behavioral-driven glide path design

Our target date solutions are managed to seek more growth when investors can take on more risk and greater stability when they need to rely on their investments. By taking a behavioral-driven approach to asset allocation, our carefully balanced glide path is designed to help investors reach their goals up to and through retirement.

Learn more about how our glide path allocates assets over time


Advisor tools

Use these financial tools to gain more comprehensive insight into investment products.

Advisor tools

Fee impact simulator

Use the fee impact simulator to see the long-term effects of pricing on a portfolio.

Fund explorer

Help your clients get exceptional value from their investments with the fund explorer.

Featured multi-asset funds

See our highlighted multi-asset funds, or browse all our investment products.

Schwab Target Index Funds

A low cost target date fund series composed of Schwab ETFsTM.

Schwab Target Funds

A combination of active and passively managed holdings in proprietary and externally managed mutual funds.

MarketTrack Porfolios

Schwab MarketTrack Portfolios allow you to choose an asset allocation that best matches your risk tolerance and goals, combining Fundamental Index® and market cap index strategies, each with a difference mix of diverse investments.

Multi-asset insights

See what our executives and strategists have to say about multi-asset and target date investing.

Investment Insights

The active decisions that go into target date fund design can translate into meaningful differences in risks and results, even among passive target date funds.
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Market Commentary

Since the early-September all-time market high, a rotation from the prior leaders to more classically-cyclical sectors has been underway; but macro support is not fully evident.
Investment Insights

Consider harnessing the potential benefits that ETFs can add to your clients’ portfolios while helping them stay invested and focused on their long-term goals.