About Charles Schwab Investment Management (CSIM)

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News & Events

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Why Invest with Us

We focus on building and managing foundational products. With clear and focused objectives, rigorous processes, a commitment to transparency, and a consistent approach to investing, we seek to build investments for the long term.
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Schwab CSIM - Why Invest with Us
Schwab CSIM - Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

It’s simple. We believe that every portfolio deserves a solid foundation. That’s why we build products that seek to manage risk over the long term and keep costs low.

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Our People

When we say we put investors first, it’s a statement backed by a team committed to delivering quality investments.

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Schwab CSIM - Our People

Our History

Since 1989, we've grown into one of the nation's largest asset managers by focusing on core products, with more than 100 funds and over $300B in assets under management.

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As of December 31, 2016, Charles Schwab Investment Management managed approximately $289.4 billion on a discretionary basis and approximately $12.7 billion on a non-discretionary basis. Source: Assets under management from Charles Schwab Investment Management, Inc.