Why Invest with Us

"Being an exceptional asset management firm is about more than managing portfolios. We have an experienced and dedicated team that is committed to placing clients' needs above all else."

Marie Chandoha
Chief Executive Officer & President


We design our investment products to serve as the foundation of a diversified portfolio. Carefully developed by experienced professionals, each fund we offer targets a specific investment objective. A common mission unites our products—to seek solid, long-term performance at an attractive value.

Money Funds
Index and Passive Funds
Exchange-traded Funds (ETFs)
Sub-advised Funds
Asset allocation Funds
Active Funds

More Than 100 Funds

$315B+ AUM

25+ Years of Experience

We also provide non-discretionary advisory services to the Charles Schwab Bank Collective Trust Funds, including research and recommendations relating to asset allocation, portfolio construction, cash-flow monitoring, and advisor selection and retention.

Our Commitment

When you choose Charles Schwab Investment Management (CSIM), you benefit from working with experienced investment managers at one of the nation's largest firms. But it isn't only our size and expertise that define us. Our commitment to you and your goals—now and in the future—sets us apart in a large and ever-changing industry.