In the age of robo investing, new DOL fiduciary rules and a multi-billion-dollar generational asset transfer on the horizon, it's imperative for advisors to master "human" skills. This brings the field of Behavioral Finance to the forefront. While the science of Behavioral Finance becomes more mature, the art of applying its principles can get complicated. Biagnostics can help. Start designing the experience your clients want…and need, today.

Biagnostics: Diagnosing and treating your clients' investment biases

Liberate your clients from the emotional and psychological influences that can lead to impaired investment results. This advisor guide can help you:

  • Understand investing biases from both scientific and social perspectives

  • Discover how multi-generational clients' experiences shape their investing behaviors

  • Learn how to factor your clients' emotional, cognitive and social biases into portfolio modeling and communication

Advisor Guide

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Get "The Bias Freedom Plan" Workbook

The Bias Freedom Plan investor workbook is designed to help you gather (and discuss) the information you need to:

  • Diagnose your clients' emotional and cognitive biases

  • Determine how generational experiences impact their investing attitudes

  • Design a customized Bias Freedom Plan to treat their biases

  • Create the investing experience your clients want and need for long-term financial well-being

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