In the age of automated investing, a changing fiduciary landscape, and an impending multibillion dollar generational asset transfer, it’s imperative for advisors to master “human skills.” This brings the field of behavioral finance to the forefront. As the science of behavioral finance becomes more mature, the art of applying its principles remains complex. Biagnostics is designed to help you start creating the experience your clients want—and need—today.

Omar Aguilar on behavioral finance and investment decisions

Investors do not always behave in rational ways. In this video, Omar Aguilar, Chief Investment Officer, Equities and Multi-Asset Strategies, talks about how investment biases affect investor decisions and influence market trends.

What is Biagnostics?

Biagnostics is a framework to help advisors incorporate behavioral finance into their practice. The proprietary process is designed to create an emotionally and financially customized client experience by addressing behavioral biases and generational/life-stage challenges—the two main factors that add layers of complexity to client investing decisions.

Biagnostics Overview

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Put Biagnostics to work

Our Biagnostics toolkit can help advisors deliver the emotional experience clients want with the financial results they need to help achieve their long-term goals. The toolkit includes an advisor implementation guide and an investor workbook to use with clients.

  • Generational profiling tool

  • Portfolio modeling case studies: Boomer vs. Millennial

  • 3-step Biagnostics action plan

  • Investor behavioral biases quiz and generational/sociological biases checklist

  • Investor Bias Freedom Plan

Biagnostics Toolkit

Advisor Guide
Investor Workbook

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