ETF Know:How

ETF Know:How is a full-spectrum curriculum of exchange-traded fund (ETF) tools and insights carefully designed to help advisors refine their strategy and gain a competitive advantage—no matter the current level of ETF expertise.

ETF Know:How
Build your ETF expertise

Discover a 360-degree view of ETF investing, with tactical steps to help support an advisor's business—from client engagement to portfolio implementation.

ETF Know:How resources can help you:

  • Track ETF market trends
  • Build ETF knowledge
  • Develop strategies for employing ETFs in client portfolios
  • Understand evolving investor attitudes about ETFs
  • Explain ETFs simply and clearly
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ETF insights and perspectives for financial professionals

Refine ETF strategies and gain competitive insights with targeted tools, analyses, and thought leadership from our executives and strategists.


Follow the money: What we learned from 2018 ETF flows

2018 was a year when volatility came back to the market, yet ETF demand by investors led to another year of net ETF inflows. Looking ahead, advisors should consider whether or not existing portfolios are diverse enough to withstand a volatile environment. In 2019, we suggest ETF investors be ready for tactical allocation changes.

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ETF industry highlights

A monthly review of the latest developments in the exchange-traded product marketplace.

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Strategic beta ETF highlights

A quarterly review of news and data about strategic beta ETFs.

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ETF essentials

Build ETF knowledge and learn how to best employ ETFs in client portfolios with our curriculum of clear, simple-to-use educational materials.

More ETF essentials

Our executives and strategists are always adding to our ETF essentials curriculum. Recent topics and features include:

  • Beyond the expense ratio—The total cost of owning ETFs
  • ETF trading and liquidity—A deeper dive
  • Securities lending within ETFs
  • Your due diligence guide to ETFs

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Leverage ETF Know:How

Our suite of educational presentations—available for keynote presentations, workshops, and roundtables—can help build an understanding of ETFs and provide actionable strategies to enhance an advisor's business.


Advisor keynote/conference presentation

  • Game Changer: The growing role of ETFs in modern wealth management


Advisor roundtable/workshop presentation

  • ETF Concepts and Landscape
  • Advanced ETF Concepts
  • Mastering ETF Trading—Strategies and Best Practices
  • Strategic Beta Overview
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