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ETF Know:How is a full-spectrum curriculum of exchange-traded fund (ETF) tools and insights carefully designed to help advisors refine their strategy and gain a competitive advantage—no matter the current level of ETF expertise.

ETF Know:How
Build your ETF expertise

Discover a 360-degree view of ETF investing, with tactical steps to help support an advisor's business—from client engagement to portfolio implementation.

ETF Know:How resources can help you:

  • Track ETF market trends
  • Build ETF knowledge
  • Develop strategies for employing ETFs in client portfolios
  • Understand evolving investor attitudes about ETFs
  • Explain ETFs simply and clearly
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ETF insights and perspectives for financial professionals

Refine ETF strategies and gain competitive insights with targeted tools, analyses, and thought leadership from our executives and strategists.


Factor Investing: It's a jungle out there, but it doesn't have to be

Strategic beta ETFs have created a complex landscape for you to navigate. Using an illustrative tool can help you select the right strategic beta ETFs to integrate into your clients' portfolios.

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ETF industry highlights

A monthly review of the latest developments in the exchange-traded product marketplace.

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Strategic beta ETF highlights

A quarterly review of news and data about strategic beta ETFs.

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  • A look at what's behind tax efficiency

    ETFs can give an investor more control over the timing of their tax liabilities. It's one of the contributing factors to the growth of ETFs, particularly among advisors seeking to optimize their investors' long-term returns.

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  • Sea change: Investor dollars are flooding into bond ETFs

    The appeal of low fees has driven an explosion of new bond ETF offerings, which enables investors to achieve similar exposures to individual bond portfolios—but with lower costs and more diversification.

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  • 9 key questions to ask an ETF provider

    There are critical differences in practices and policies across exchange-traded fund providers. These nine questions can help you determine whether and how the ETF provider seeks to provide successful outcomes for clients.

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ETF essentials

Build ETF knowledge and learn how to best employ ETFs in client portfolios with our curriculum of clear, simple-to-use educational materials.

  • Best practices for trading ETFs

    Even the most seasoned investors should consider several factors when buying and selling ETFs.

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  • International ETFs and the price discovery mechanism

    Understand how the market price of an ETF with international holdings reflects changing price expectations during the U.S. trading day.

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  • Tax efficiency in exchange-traded funds

    By understanding the mechanics behind ETFs, investors can potentially limit taxable events caused by their investment funds.

    Read more
  • Beyond the expense ratio: The total cost of owning ETFs

    The true cost of owning ETFs is more complex than many realize. By understanding all the factors affecting cost, investors are better equipped to make sound investment decisions.

    Read more
  • ETF trading and liquidity: A deeper dive

    In the case of ETFs, due to the product's unique structure, trading volume isn't the only—or even primary—indicator of liquidity.

    Read more
  • ETFs vs. Mutual Funds: Selecting the right vehicle for your investment needs

    Both ETFs and mutual funds offer access to professionally managed, diversified portfolios – but there are distinct differences between the two.

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  • Exchange traded product (ETP) overview

    There are actually several types of exchange traded products (ETPs), each with unique structures and implications. Comparing these features provides a better understanding of each product's role in a portfolio.

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  • Securities lending within ETFs

    This common, well-established practice may generate additional revenue for ETF, which could result in incremental returns and improved performance.

    Read more
  • The investment strategy spectrum

    Understanding the distinction between active strategies, traditional indexing, and smart beta indexing is critical to choosing the right investment strategy.

    Read more
  • Understanding the ETF creation and redemption mechanism

    The creation and redemption mechanism underpins the inner workings of an exchange-traded fund (ETF). Read more to learn how this unique process has helped ETFs become one of the fast-growing investment vehicles available to you and your clients in today's modern world.

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Our suite of educational presentations—available for keynote presentations, workshops, and roundtables—can help build an understanding of ETFs and provide actionable strategies to enhance an advisor's business.


Advisor keynote/conference presentation

  • Game Changer: The growing role of ETFs in modern wealth management


Advisor roundtable/workshop presentation

  • ETF Concepts and Landscape
  • Advanced ETF Concepts
  • Mastering ETF Trading—Strategies and Best Practices
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