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Market Insights

Markets in a Minute

Insights on the latest global investment news from our Chief Investment Officers, Omar Aguilar and Brett Wander.

Market Insights

What's ahead in 2019? Four investment pros weigh in

Four of Schwab's leading investment professionals offered insights into the second half of the year during a one-hour presentation June 25.

Market Insights

Chart in a Minute: Are your retirement plans at risk?

Show your clients why it's important that their retirement portfolios are properly aligned with their risk tolerances. View this chart to learn more.

Get up-to-date perspectives and investment ideas from the professionals at the Schwab Center for Financial Research.

Market Insights

Chart in a Minute: Watch out for a potential rate cut

Is an interest rate cut on the horizon? The market says yes, but the Federal Reserve says no. Use this chart to help your clients examine this disconnect and to strike up a conversation about their bonds.

Leadership Insights

Help guide reactions to investor biases

Understanding investors and their potential biases is important to an advisor-client relationship.

Investment Insights

Schwab Podcast: What Should You Sell?

In this episode of Financial Decoder™, Omar Aguilar joins host Mark Riepe to talk about the way professional money managers work to mitigate behavioral and cognitive biases.

Leadership Insights

Bond yields: Merrily we go 'round

Are your clients worried about the possibility of an inverted yield curve? We address this concern, and discuss three factors that have been keeping longer-term rates in check.

Leadership Insights

The winner's curse: The overpayment principle

Amid the ongoing competition to earn higher returns than fellow market participants, unwary investors can fall prey to an emotional behavioral finance effect called the winner's curse.

Omar Aguilar, CIO, Equities and Multi-Asset Strategies

What behavioral finance can teach us about markets—and ourselves

Investment decision-making is a function of recognizing we're all human and that we must adapt to our own irrationality. Advisors can play a key role in that process.

Omar Aguilar, CIO, Equities and Multi-Asset Strategies

How investment biases affect investor decisions and influence market trends

Investors do not always behave in rational ways, underscoring the importance of understanding behavioral finance influences.

Leadership Insights

Bonds, bubbles, and Bitcoin

Even though asset prices can reach extremes, these valuations can make sense when supported by underlying fundamentals....

Leadership Insights

The endowment effect: Value is relative

Value can be surprisingly relative, a point emphasized by the endowment effect. This behavioral finance influence explains that ownership, or a lack thereof, plays a critical role in a stock's perceived value.

Leadership Insights

Jonathan de St. Paer

Jonathan de St. Paer, President

Why behavioral finance is important in today's market environment

In honor of Behavioral Finance Week, I spoke to Omar Aguilar, our CIO of Equities and Multi-Asset Strategies, to discuss behavioral finance concepts and why it's important to understand them in this market environment.

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Omar Aguilar

Omar Aguilar, CIO, Equities and Multi-Asset Strategies

Piecing together the home bias puzzle

With the U.S. bull market charging past one obstacle after another, your clients may be expressing a desire to avoid international stocks. If so, they could be feeling the effects of the home bias.

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Brett Wander

Brett Wander, CIO, Fixed Income

Super low bond yields are everywhere

Extremely low bond yields are pervasive throughout the global economy, as many longstanding investment "truisms" have been falling by the wayside. Read our fixed income insights for talking points to share with clients.

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