There’s been a changing of the guard.

Schwab market cap index funds are now among the lowest cost in the industry—no matter the investment size.

We are simplifying and lowering the cost of investing for your clients with reduced, straightforward expenses on Schwab market cap index funds. Same low expense ratio, wherever Schwab Funds® are sold.

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Charles Schwab Investment Management

Charles Schwab Investment Management offers a diverse selection of foundational products that aim to deliver consistent performance. We take a straightforward approach, providing transparent, competitively priced products and strategies to help meet your portfolio needs.

A comprehensive range of investment products

  • Market Cap Index

    For over 25 years, we've been a provider of index investments—offering investors a broad range of low cost ETFs and passive and index mutual funds.

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  • Fundamental Index™

    A pioneer in Fundamental Index strategies, we provide investors 12 ETFs and mutual funds that offer a complement to traditional market-cap-weighted index and actively managed strategies.

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  • Target Date / Multi-Asset

    With a history of innovative target date fund management, we offer a range of competitively priced product solutions for individuals and employer-sponsored retirement plans.

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  • Fixed Income

    We offer a range of fixed income products that can serve as part of the foundation of a diversified portfolio, including fixed income mutual funds, ETFs and money funds.

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  • Active Equity

    We offer investors access to two distinct active equity investment approaches: Schwab Active Equity Funds, and Laudus Funds, which are sub-advised by leading institutional asset managers.

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  • Money Market Funds

    As one of the country's largest money market fund managers, we offer a full complement of money funds in the government, prime and municipal sectors.

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Featured Funds

  • Market Cap Index


    Schwab® S&P 500
    Index Fund

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  • Fundamental Index


    Schwab Fundamental
    U.S. Large Company
    Index ETF

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  • Target Fund


    Schwab Target
    2040 Fund

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  • Active Equity


    Schwab Hedged
    Equity Fund™

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Over 25 years of investment management leadership1
  • $335B+ in assets under
  • 3rd largest provider
    of index mutual funds
  • 5th largest provider
    of ETFs

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