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Charles Schwab Investment Management offers actively managed funds that aim to generate consistent, risk-adjusted excess returns by integrating quantitative signals and qualitative research. Additionally, we offer investors access to a select group of actively managed, sub-advised investment strategies through Laudus Funds.

Schwab Active Equity Funds: Quantitative vs. qualitative—we believe in both

We believe that there is merit in both quantitative and qualitative approaches, and have refined our active equity investment approach in an attempt to capitalize on both. Through a combination of quantitative signals and qualitative research, our goal is to build low-turnover portfolios that can generate consistent long-term returns.

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Laudus Funds: Access to a select group of investment managers—all in one fund family

Laudus Funds offer investors access to some of the world's leading investment managers. With a rigorous manager selection process and ongoing oversight by Charles Schwab Investment Management, Laudus Funds offer single and multi-manager strategies as a complement to other funds managed by Charles Schwab Investment Management.

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Featured Funds

  • Active Equity


    Schwab® International
    Core Equity Fund

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  • Active Equity


    Schwab Hedged
    Equity Fund™

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  • Active Equity


    Schwab Small-Cap
    Equity Fund™

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  • Laudus Fund


    Laudus U.S.
    Large Cap Growth Fund

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