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Charles Schwab Investment Management offers a variety of fixed income products that can serve as part of the foundation of a diversified portfolio. Since 1991, we have provided credit oversight and professional portfolio management, and today manage over $165 billion in assets under management across our fixed income mutual funds, ETFs and money funds.

"Our mission is to consistently meet clients' investment expectations even during challenging and volatile markets."

—Brett Wander, CIO, Fixed Income
Brett Wander, CIO, Fixed Income

A broad spectrum of fixed income investments for diversified portfolios

We believe that managing both active and passive strategies makes us better at both and that a sophisticated and real-world approach to risk management leads to better investment outcomes for investors. We offer taxable and tax-free, active and passive fixed income products, across a wide range of fixed income sectors, with a variety of risk and maturity levels, including competitively priced fixed income ETFs.


Convenient access to fixed income ETFs

Schwab fixed income ETFs have amongst the lowest expenses in the industry. They also provide a convenient, low-cost way to capture the performance of specific segments of the U.S. bond market—in a product structure with potential tax efficiency and no minimum investment.

Active and passively managed taxable bond funds

Schwab taxable bond funds offer various solutions and risk levels for the fixed income portion of an investor's portfolio, with a selection of passive and active strategies.

Tax-free bond funds help investors navigate a complex municipal marketplace

Schwab tax-free bond funds provide a convenient way for investors to gain exposure to municipal securities within funds with low investment minimums and active professional investment management, while providing tax-free income.

Municipal bonds in a complex marketplace

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International fixed income opportunities

The Laudus Mondrian International Government Fixed Income Fund is sub-advised by U.K. investment firm Mondrian Investment Partners, which specializes in an active, value-oriented approach to the international fixed income markets.

Charles Schwab Bank fixed income collective trust fund1 for qualified retirement plans

The Schwab Institutional Core Plus Fixed Income Trust Fund offers an open-architecture, multi-strategy approach, combining active and passive sub-advised strategies that focus on dollar-denominated, investment-grade fixed income securities. The collective trust fund is maintained by Charles Schwab Bank and is available for investment by certain qualified retirement plans.

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Featured Funds

  • Fixed Income


    Schwab Tax-Free
    Bond Fund™

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  • Fixed Income


    Laudus Mondrian International Government Fixed Income Fund

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  • Fixed Income


    Schwab® Short-Term
    Bond Index Fund

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  • Fixed Income


    Schwab® U.S. Aggregate
    Bond Index Fund

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