Charles Schwab Investment Management has been an industry leader in index investments for more than 25 years. We offer investors low-cost ETFs and index mutual funds, including those based on a Schwab proprietary index, the Schwab 1000 Index.

Schwab’s legacy of indexing


Charles R. Schwab launched the Schwab 1000 Index in 1991. The same year, Charles Schwab Investment Management launched the Schwab 1000 Index Fund, a low-cost mutual fund that aims to match the total return of the index. Then based on demand, a corresponding ETF was launched in 2017.

  • Mutual Fund


    Schwab 1000
    Index® Fund

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  • ETF


    Schwab 1000
    Index® ETF

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Schwab 1000 Index® details

  • Methodology

    A disciplined, rules-based approach that ranks all U.S. stocks based on market capitalization


  • Constituents

    The index provides exposure to the 1,000 largest publicly traded U.S. companies


  • Index Performance

    With an inception dating back to 1991, the index has a long history of stated performance


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