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The comforts of home
Winter 2017

With the U.S. bull market seemingly unstoppable in 2017, a client’s desire to invest primarily in domestic equities may seem intuitively sensible.

Accelerating toward mean reversion
Summer 2017

Mean reversion seems increasingly possible for stocks over the short-term amid stretched valuations and the momentum-driven environment.

Anchored on campaign promises
Spring 2017

Global equity markets rallied during the first quarter of 2017, as the current U.S. bull market celebrated its eighth birthday...

Confident to a fault
January 2017

Do investors always behave in rational ways that best serve their long-term interests? The dot-com bubble, the Great Recession, and the 2015 stock market stampede in China argue otherwise, illustrating the importance...

Don’t get burned with the “hot hand”
October 2016

Cognitive biases are tendencies that prompt us to think in certain ways, sometimes in directions that can lead us astray...

Our compulsion with loss aversion
June 2016

Classical finance theory espouses the notion that a natural tradeoff exists between risks and rewards, a concept clearly reflected among equity markets...

Don’t get trampled by the herd!
January 2016

Are financial markets always efficient and rational, as Classical Finance Theory suggests? In a perfect world, business cycles and financial markets would evolve in efficient, sensible, and orderly fashion...

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