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Looking ahead to the next chapter

October 2018

After more than three decades working in financial services, I’ve decided it’s time for me to begin the next chapter of my life. In March 2019, I will step down as CEO of Charles Schwab Investment Management (CSIM).

While it isn’t easy to find the right time for a transition like this, I know this is the right time for me.  I am pleased to be leaving CSIM with a solid foundation, a terrific team and strong momentum. 

Looking ahead, I’m excited to spend more time with my husband, family and friends, and enjoy our family ranch (and cows!).  I will also begin to reposition my professional life so that I can serve on boards, and pursue other interests where my experience can continue to be helpful.

Reflecting on the past eight years

When I joined CSIM in 2010, I couldn’t have imagined how much we would accomplish. What a journey it’s been! I look back with enormous pride at the remarkable job my team has done. We’ve worked tirelessly on behalf of investors and led the way in bringing costs down across the industry. We built out a robust suite of low-cost products and solutions and achieved record results. We challenged the status quo, disrupted norms and never lost sight of our goal – to make investing more affordable and accessible for everyone.

None of this would have happened without my incredibly talented team. Our strategic focus and special culture have been instrumental to our success. I’ll be forever grateful to have had the opportunity to lead such a skilled group of people who share in my belief that investing can change lives – and who came to the office every day determined to achieve our goals. Their passion, drive, and the culture we created together is what I’ll miss most.

CSIM: A bright future

When I step down at the end of March, I will be leaving with comfort knowing that CSIM is in great hands. My successor, Jonathan de St. Paer, is a tremendous leader and has worked by my side to help build CSIM into a leading asset manager. He has played a critical role on my leadership team, developing and driving CSIM’s strategy, and has spearheaded many of our most important initiatives over the past eight years. CSIM has a strong foundation and tremendous momentum, and I believe that Jon is the ideal person to lead CSIM forward as it continues to grow and evolve.

I’m not going anywhere yet – there’s a lot of work to be done over the next six months to ensure a seamless transition – but when I do hand over the reins, I will become a proud spectator watching CSIM continue to challenge the status quo on behalf of our investors!

Marie Chandoha
CEO, Charles Schwab Investment Management

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