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Simplicity - What Clients Really Want
September 2017

If you are like me, you appreciate when the complexity has been removed from a purchasing decision.

The Year to Raise Your Hand
March 2017

I’ve seen a lot of change over the course of my career, but none like what we’re seeing now in investment management.

Women in Financial Services – Power in the Pipeline
Welcome to Marie’s Blog. Read the March 2017 Insights from Marie Chandoha, President and CEO of Charles Schwab Investment Management (CSIM).

Waiter! What does this mean?
April 2016

I recently went out to dinner at a hot new restaurant and found myself staring at the menu in a state of confusion. Just about every dish had a term I couldn’t identify.

Making sense of changing market structure
March 2016

Over the past few decades, technology has transformed the way we do many things—conversing through texts, booking flights, checking bank balances…it’s a long list.

Millennials and ETFs
February 2016

Millennials are unlike their parents’ generation in so many ways: they marry later, have fewer children, rent rather than buy homes, spend vast amounts of time with technology, and spend less money...

Nickels and Dimes
January 2016

There’s an intersection close to where I live with two gas stations facing one another across the street. One regularly charges about five cents per gallon of gas less than the other—sometimes as much as a dime...

Preparing for Liftoff after the Long Wait
December 2015

I often call my mother when I drive to work in the morning. Invariably, the conversation turns to what she’s been reading in the newspapers or watching on TV—and, years ago, my career choice inspired her to pay attention to financial news…

A Chance Encounter
November 2015

A few weeks ago, on a flight out of San Francisco, a well-known entrepreneur—someone who created a service we all know and use, and who generated a huge amount of wealth for himself and his company’s investors—sat down next to me...

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