Markets in a Minute: November 15, 2019
Equities: Fading trade worries fuel all-time highs | Fixed Income: The last rate hike of 2019?

Markets in a Minute: October 15, 2019
Equities: Running at a record pace in 2019 | Fixed Income: Are you kidding, negative interest rates

Markets in a Minute: September 15, 2019
Equities: Emphasize quality and manage your risk | Fixed Income: Inverted yield curves and your mortgage

Markets in a Minute: August 15, 2019
Equities: Scorched by the flames of conflict | Fixed Income: When the market talks, you gotta listen

Markets in a Minute: July 15, 2019
Equities: Not your typical market rally | Fixed Income: Fed rate cut on 7/31, here’s why . . .

Markets in a Minute: June 15, 2019
Equities: Fed "put" fueled an early June rebound | Fixed Income: Focused on the yield curve

Markets in a Minute: May 15, 2019
Equities: Early month rally hits trade bumps | Fixed Income: President Trump wants a rate cut

Markets in a Minute: April 15, 2019
Equities: Off to the races in Q1 | Fixed Income: The market leads, the Fed follows suit

Markets in a Minute: March 15, 2019
Equities: An incredible start to 2019 | Stop watching the Fed’s balance sheet

Markets in a Minute: February 15, 2019
Equities: Investor sentiment becomes more defensive | Fixed Income: Is a rate cut on the horizon?

Markets in a Minute: January 15, 2019
Equities: Nowhere to hide in 2018 | Fixed Income: Bond returns, a few surprises

Markets in a Minute: December 21, 2018
Equities: Opportunities to explore for 2019 | Fixed Income: Fictions to avoid in 2019

Markets in a Minute: December 10, 2018
Equities: Risk aversion fuels a growth rotation | Fixed Income: Clouded path for rates in 2019

Markets in a Minute: November 26, 2018
Equities: If you don’t know where you’re going | Fixed Income: Inflation is cooling down

Markets in a Minute: November 12, 2018
Equities: October’s pain to November’s gain | Fixed Income: Ignored the election

Markets in a Minute: October 29, 2018
Equities: Keep calm and weather the storm | Fixed Income: Farewell to mortgage refis

Markets in a Minute: October 15, 2018
Equities: Sharing the downward slide | Fixed Income: 10-year yield scare

Markets in a Minute: October 1, 2018
Equities: A fundamentally supported bull | Fixed Income: Rates are almost normal

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